Proper Good Food

In a Nutshell

By Alastair Little – food from the “Godfather of modern British cookery”. Handmade soups, sauces and mains. Cooked in small batches so it’s big on flavour, and all delivered to your door.

How to Order

Made to order

We never compromise on taste and we only cook what you order – from fresh each and every time. Oh yes and we never put in any extra preservatives or additives.

Delivered to your door

We’ll bring your orders to your home – and you don’t even have to worry about being in when we deliver (just tell us where a safe place is to leave your order).

Produce & Seasonality

The best produce and the use of seasonal produce wherever appropriate has always been a hallmark of Alastair’s cooking and it is something we swear by in these dishes.


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We currently deliver within certain areas in London and the Thames Valley. Please enter your full postcode below to see if we deliver to your area.  We are expanding our delivery areas all the time, so if you’re not yet covered, let us know here:


Our ragu di vitello over Mancini paccheri pasta is ridiculously good, and takes just 10 minutes to prepare.

The shop is open and taking orders now for deliveries Thursday 5th March.

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