A little word about packaging and delivery

A little word about packaging and delivery

Alastair Little The Godfather of Modern British Cooking
Alastair Little is one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs and has been dubbed “the Godfather of modern British cookery”.

This is something we take very seriously, and I want to assure you that wherever possible we use products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Overnight deliveries

For example, the pellets we use to protect items during overnight transit are made from starch and are 100% biodegradable. Yet the product we use, EcoFlo, is independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loosefill.

The odourless, white EcoFlo chips compress to form an impenetrable mould around our products, preventing them from migrating to the bottom of the package.

The surrounding chips provide high level shock and impact protection for your goods, eliminating breakages.

Local deliveries

We actively collect and re-use the cooler bags used for our local deliveries, which in London are made using these very lovely electric rickshaws, courtesy of Ecofleet Mindful Delivery.

Containers and pots

We are a small producer, so high-volume custom packaging solutions are not practically available to us. Paramount to us is that your food is delivered securely, and where suitable in tamper-proof containers. Inevitably this involves the use of plastics for now, but I want you to know it’s something we keep a very close eye on as technologies and options evolve.


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We’re taking a little break over Easter.

The kitchen and delivery teams have been working flat out since the beginning of the year and they need a well earned rest.

We’ll be sending out an email to you all in the next week or so with our re-opening dates so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you’re going out to a restaurant after the 12th then savour the delights of dining out again. But don’t forget about us!