BOSCO D’ ORO Black truffle oil 100ml


Proper on any dish, particularly its unique perfume of precious black truffle links well with game.


BOSCO D’ORO – Il gusto del tartufo – is a family firm from the Italian town of Ascoli Piceno, capital of the region that shares its name, and part of the Marche region.

They generally operate in the sector of high gastronomy, and mainly in the fascinating world of the truffle.

From cultivation to the marketing of the product, they select, transform, and preserve this jewel fruit of nature.

These artisanal skills are typically handed down generationally. During their twenty-five years in business, this has pushed them to always enhance production, and to create culinary specialties for simple and immediate use.

As proprietor Pierpaolo Staffolani so beautifully says:

Life is for each of us a mix of emotions, situations, meetings and comparisons.

For us of “Bosco D ‘Oro” it is all of these, but it is also passion for this precious tuber and the sharing of the pleasant feelings that truffle can transmit.

This is the reason why we realize what you see, you taste and you remember.

Satisfying your pleasure, we reach our objectives and, moved by sought-after curiosity, we introduce new ideas of taste to our clientele.

We are glad to thank who support us and who could make it, because the sense of our job is to share with you emotions that the “Bosco D ‘Oro” products will give you.