BRINDISA North & South Extra virgin olive oil 1l


As you know, I am somewhat particular about olive oil.  Where it comes from.  And how much you should invest in it…

This is an extra virgin olive oil from Spain, produced in Navarra.  It is an oil made from a blend of olives indigenous to the regions of Arbequina and Picual, in the north and south of the country – hence its name.

The finished oil is clean tasting with grass and tomato notes balanced by a touch of spiciness on the finish.  It is imported and supplied by Brindisa, whom I have known and done business with for years.

This product has been awarded with 1 star in the Great Taste Awards 2016. The judges’ comments were:

“A good bright colour and quite a pungent, fresh olive aroma. On the palate there’s a good blend of olive flavour notes. The bitterness is moderate, leading to a marked pepper spike. There’s a nicely persistent fruitiness. A cleverly blended oil, very approachable and versatile.”