CARVED ANGEL All Butter Lemon Curd (320g)


Indulge yourself in this smooth, melt-in-the-mouth lemon curd treat.

Fresh, zingy and bursting with lemon flavour, use a little imagination as to how you can use it.

Drizzle melted chocolate over, with fresh whipped cream and add to pancakes.

Crunch in some meringue, blueberries & cream for a sensational dessert.

The history of The Carved Angel

The Carved Angel Restaurant was opened in Dartmouth, Devon in 1974 by Joyce Molyneux, based upon the premise of high quality modern British food using only the finest local ingredients. Over the next three decades The Carved Angel’s stature and reputation grew as it came to be acknowledged as one of the Country’s finest restaurants.

The restaurant was given the name of ‘The Carved Angel’ after the Chef/Owner Joyce Molyneux during refurbishment of the restaurant prior to opening was presented a carving of a wooden angel by a local carpenter. She was so taken by the beautiful carving that she decided to place it into the central position of the dining room for all her guests to admire.