LORENZO #5 Extra virgin olive oil 500ml


Sometimes you need a very special extra virgin olive oil.  What I refer to as “the posh stuff”

Well, Lorenzo #5 is such a product.  It’s horriby expensive.  But utterly sublime.

Treat yourself to a bottle.  But keep it well-hidden!


  • Unique oil obtained after much intense research.
  • Olive variety: 100% Nocellara del Belice.
  • Stone removal process eliminates bitter component of olive creating an intensely golden oil of noted creaminess with a delicately spiced aroma.
  • Highly dense oil, bright gold in colour
  • Has soft flavour of olives with noted creaminess.
  • Its aroma is delicately spicy and floral.
  • From central Sicily.
  • A special oil to perfect great dishes in place of cream to amplify flavours.