Mashed potato – serves two – 450g


What can you say about ‘Mash’ other than it is the ultimate comfort food.  An umami fix of overdose proportions!

Made from carefully chosen potatoes of seasonally varying types, good unsalted butter and double cream, it follows my mother’s methodology with a lot more butter than she would have ever countenanced.

Suitable for vegetarian.

A little tip

Serve with almost anything.


Potato (80%), unsalted butter (milk), double cream (milk), salt.


See ingredients in bold.


Keep in the fridge and eat within use by date on lid. Once opened consume within 2 days.


Carefully is the watchword here. I add a tablespoon of butter to a trustworthy pan. When this melts I stir in the cold mash and heat over a moderate flame, stirring almost constantly.

Mash can be microwaved with a slight diminution of quality, but needing considerably less effort.

It can also be baked in a butter lined dish in a medium oven but this gives it a crust and in effect becomes a different dish.


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