NIASCA Limonata Soda 250ML


This sparkling lemonade presents itself in a pearl white color. It has a bouquet to the nose, based on our lemons with elegant notes of elderflowers. To the mouth is palatable and the sourness of the lemons and the sparkling is gently softened. Subtle yet complex. Familiar but evolutionary. Forever delicious and refreshing.

Refreshing, lightly sparkling lemonade from Portofino.  100% Italian

Made using Tigullio lemons and elderflower, combined with carbonated water, cane sugar and natural flavourings

A sophisticated soft drink delicious on its own or as a great mixer

No preservatives or colouring agents.

About the producer

Niasca Portofino are headquartered in the village of Portofino, centrally located in Via del Fondaco. Their warehouse, offices, the oil mill, the research lab, the didactic room and the bütéga, the show-room where you can find our food specialties. Their lemon trees, antique cultivars, aromatic herbs garden and vineyards are at a little distance, after a short walk uphill.