Petit four : Salted Muscovado Butter Caramel – tin of 12


These are immaculate Petit Four. Each one hand-crafted, and packaged in a tin of twelve.  Perfect for an after-dinner treat. Or just a guilty pleasure to cheer things up!

At the heart of each is an exquisite centre…

All contained by signature Beehive chocolate from our friends at The Beehive gastro pub in White Waltham.

A word about the chocolate used in these petit four:

The Beehive’s Chef-Patron Dominic Chapman first tempers dark chocolate, which slightly changes its characteristics, increasing the melting temperature and giving it a shine, and more of a snap or bite. The tempering is done by first heating chocolate to precisely 49˚C before adding more chocolate, 1/3 of the original weight of chocolate, to drop the temperature to a working temperature. This technique is known as ‘seeding’.

Then Beehive chocolate moulds are filled with the tempered chocolate creating a shell. This is slowly set (setting too quickly will affect the quality of the chocolate). Once the shells are set, they are filled and put in the fridge, allowing the filling to set. Finally, more tempered chocolate is spread over these, sealing the filling inside.


Dark Chocolate (minimum 64%).  Filling: Salted Muscovado Butter Caramel – 125ml Double Cream (Milk), ½ Vanilla Pod, 170g Caster Sugar, 40g Glucose, 200g Unsalted Butter (Milk), 125g Muscovado Sugar, Sea Salt.


See ingredients in bold.