Prawn salad ‘Italian Kitchen’ 250g – serves two


This prawn salad (Insalata di Gamberi) first appeared on our Valentine’s Day menu, and went down a storm.

So we thought it would be nice to bring this bright and flavoursome appetizer to our main menu.

The origins of my recipe date back to those heady days at La Cacciata, the dreamy hilltop farm estate outside Orvieto in Umbria, where I ran a cooking school in the ’90s.

It was the food we cooked and enjoyed there which ultimately inspired my book ‘Alastair Little’s Italian Kitchen’, which features this recipe.

A photographic shoot at La Cacciata resulted in a large quantity of prawns being left for us to eat. This was the dish I improvised. It combines a marination, cooking, and then a second marination after cooking.


Tiger prawns, lemon, red chilli, garlic, olive oil, parsley, tomato, red onion, salt, pepper.


See ingredients in bold.


Keep in the fridge and eat within use by date on lid. Once opened consume within 2 days.