RUMMO Spaghetti 500g


Rummo have been Masters of Pasta since 1846. They literally live and breathe pasta!

“I drew my first breath under the roof of my family’s pasta factory in Benevento, in the heart of the Italian region known for the world’s finest pasta. My life’s mission has always been clear: to make ours the best” – Cosimo Rummo.

They produce their spaghetti pasta using ‘metodo lenta lavorazione’ (slow working method).  And, indeed, it is – painstakingly so!

This is true artisanal pasta.  The surface of the bronze-dye extruded durum wheat pasta will cling to your sauce.

Cooking time 9-11 minutes.


Spaghetti is a general purpose pasta that you should always have to hand, as it works well with a wide range of sauces.